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Slide Mission 2 weeks until a fundraising event and need more donors. Figure out who to engage, where to find prospect donors and, finally, how to engage prospects to drive them to the event. Getting new donors is rare, and even rarer on first outreach. Goal is 1 new donor

Slide Since asking for money upon first outreach, there are a couple things we know the prospect needs: A connection with the donor; a connection with the cause; disposable income to donate. Slide A connection with the donor: Queensland University is a twofer (Australian & same school). A connection with the cause: legal professionals since it's a social justice org. Disposable income: Partners at law firms. We Got This Slide LinkedIn gives us 300 characters in a connection request and we're soliciting a donation. This is tough. We queue up as a many law partners who went to Queensland and live in NYC as we can find on LinkedIn. Have Faith.

Slide It's like a puzzle. We need the right pieces to make an instant connection. Well, 25 or so characters. That's what someone sees before they decide to Accept, Decline or Read More on a LinkedIn connection request. We do a little research. Join a Queensland alum Facebook Group. We learn the lingo. Regal Eagle. UQ. This will help us with the intro to drive Accept or Read More. The message: "Hi John, An NYC Regal Eagle like me. And in law. Rare bird. I'm hosting a social justice fundraiser. Would love to have another QU'r there. Free on the 20th?" They eat it up. We scale the approach with automation scripts. Since the client also went to Columbia we rinse and repeat for Lawyer Partner "Lions". Then we hit up Partners in Finance from both schools.

Slide Results Lots of Connections 30% connection rate with ~100 connection request per day sent out over two weeks. Lots of Data Most don't realize that over 90% of LinkedIn profiles have their email address visible to 1st connections. 20%+ provide a mobile number. Lots of Conversations Not all connections converted as attendees and/or donors, but still, many people engaged with interest and could be future donors. The Good Stuff 6 new donors. The goal was 1. And even one would've been unusual. We engaged people who don't know the client and we broke the ice with 300 characters enough to get them to attend an event and donate at that event. More Numbers Not considering the potential lifetime donation value of these 6 new donors, our services returned over 400% ROI with just two weeks of time to work. Lets Work Together If you've read all the way through, we think you deserve a reward. Scroll to learn about a special promotion pay-for-performance webinar seat filler service.

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