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Are visitors getting stuck on your website?

Many businesses spend a lot of time developing their website to make sure it is engaging and easy for users to navigate. This is an important process, but many still face the same dilemma: while they are able to generate site visits, their visitors are not converting.

Chatbots offer a perfect solution for this issue, with a number of different implementations to reach the desired end goal. In this post we will explore 3 methods for implementing chatbots to find quality prospect, convert visitors hitting your site to book meetings and ultimately become clients..

Navigation Assistance

Chatbots can rescue site visitors from being lost on your site through navigation assistance. Chatbots are a great tool to educate visitors on your offerings and connect them with the products and services that are most suitable for their needs. This can be done through creating logical conversation paths that assist and appeal to each of the different customer profiles that hit your site. Doing such makes the visitor’s experience much more appealing and easy, since you have designed a method of walking through your entire site without requiring the user to do too much of the navigation and discovery on their own. Additionally, this assistance is available 24/7 and will aid visitors with an immediate response around the clock. Site navigation is just the first way that chatbots can save users from being stuck on your site, there are many more.

Conversations to Increase Engagement

Chatbots can help convert visitors from your site by increasing engagement through a conversational approach. Check out our previous post to learn more on how conversational bots increase engagement. These conversational bots create a “give and take” relationship – as the end user provides an answer to a message the bot has sent, the bot provides information back to the user. After a few back and forth interactions, it stands to reason that it becomes increasingly easier to ask and ultimately receive contact information from the end user because of the law of reciprocity.

Informative Bot Analytics

Chatbots can help save visitors from being stranded on your site with the user analytics they gather. First off, you can easily use the information that has been collected in your bot to follow up with users, knowing exactly what they need and how to tailor your approach. Even for instances where the bot hasn’t collected contact information, anyone who has engaged with your bots has provided you with valuable information on user needs and what content is ultimately resonating with your user base.  This information enables you to create a more effective bot that is supported by real data and not just anecdotal hypotheses.

Chatbots can be an extremely effective tool for recouping visitors from “site purgatory”. Building a bot that helps users navigate your content and engages in a conversational manner not only helps you, but also provides a great experience for your end user. Leveraging analytics from bot interactions offer insight into user needs to help build better bots.

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Message in a Bot-tle: Chatbots to Rescue & Convert Site Visitors