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Hi guys, not sure if this is the best place to put this but I work in an optometrist practice in Australia that remains open as a healthcare provider. I would like to divert any idle time of staff into doing something helpful and productive and feel-good.

I am concerned about the mental health of older Australians during this period of lockdown/isolation. My idea was to focus on our existing older patients, say 65yrs+, who maybe be feeling lonely, isolated or just bored due to isolation recommendations. I obviously can't reach our via SMS or email, because many aren't necessarily tech-savvy, so I thought maybe I could just get my staff to call our older patients one by one just to simply check in and have a little chat. Then perhaps we could follow up with a posted little "care package".

It would have to be something low cost obviously due to cash flow, but perhaps some kind of printed newsletter with some mental games, perhaps a simple mediation guide and other things?

Would love thoughts and recommendations! What would you include for an older friend/relative whom you were concerned about? Funny things, informative things, productive things?

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Ideas for a mental health care package for older Australians