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Mastering the “Yes – And” Sales Improv Framework
Ever been caught flatfooted when a buyer throws an unexpected objection at you? It turns out that improv can help you handle it and increase sales.
On this Sales Gravy Podcast episode, Jeb Blount (Virtual Selling) and Gina Trimarco engage in a fun discussion on how to increase sales with improv. You’ll learn how developing the same skills comedians and actors use on stage, can help you in front of buyers during sales conversations.

Improv is the art of off-the-cuff, un-scripted comedy in which the actors respond to cues from each other rather than reading from a set script. The most important keys to effective improv are listening, accepting, and leveraging the “yes-and” framework.
Sales improv helps you increase sales by:

Becoming more confident
Being present and in the moment
Building sales conversation organically
Asking better questions
Being a better listener
Keeping buyers engaged
Detaching from outcomes

During the podcast, Jeb and Gina demonstrate the “Yes-And” improv framework and Jeb fails miserably. The good news is the “yes-and” improv motion is easy to learn with practice. Mastering this framework is the key to increasing sales with improv.

Gina also shares her inspiring entrepreneurial story about how she built her sales improv training business. Gina combines street smarts and improv comedy skills with her experience in the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds to teach sales professionals improv techniques.
Source: Sales Gravy
“Yes – And” How to Increase Sales With Improv