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I have been trying to do some research on this but finding conflicting or vague information.

Like some sources suggest that they can provide you with clients while others say they don't.

Or they suggest that the hosts provide tools, but seems like a waste of money to give away 50% of your commission just for tools.

Sorry if I don't know much about travel agency stuff 😛 I've sort of got a programming background so I have a family member asking about helping him / making an online business together.

But I'm a bit reluctant as I think it won't be as easy as he thinks to find clients as an online business. Plus he seems to suggest that there's barely any costs/fees and that even a couple sales a year would pay off any expensises (like the website hosting).

He plans on studying and writing a test or something to become a registered travel agent. He does have experience working for a big airline company.

Just curious, do the travel agency hosts remove the need to become registered? Or lower the cost of any fees? Or what is the point?

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What’s the point of travel agency hosts?