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Well just venting a little bit, I think posted here once or twice but this is my third or fourth month going on cold call sales. Before this I had basically no experience in sales or working a real job. I had part time jobs here and there while where I could fit them in as a former collegiate athlete. Anyway I’m still taking a year off from school so I can save up for my last year at University earning a degree in business. This job so far has taught me a lot basically that I don’t know shit lol. I’m not necessarily looking for a career in sales but I figure it would be good for me to learn. I am pretty introverted so I knew going in this would be a big obstacle to overcome. In addition I’ve had roadblocks for myself. My voice is a bit monotone, I get nervous talking to new people, and I can be pretty bad at smalltalk. Some weeks there are days where I blank 3/5 of the days like this one and it’s incredibly discouraging because I should be getting at least 2 deals a day. I can get real negative for a while and think things like I’m going to get fired. But looking at my time as a whole my skills are getting better for me the more I work at it obviously but it’s been a slow grind. Now i can see myself becoming more persistent and assertive I can definitely see myself getting better from where I started. My pitch is getting smoother and my knowledge of products is getting better. Being bad at it is giving me motivation, I need to put in the same extra work and practice I would with anything else and apply it to sales. I’m glad I have this sub to give me perspective on things. Thanks to whoever read my entitling venting session lol I will be Great eventually

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Ups and downs in sales