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I tutor a student who has a bit of attitude and does all kinds of tactics to get out of work. She cries and dupes her parents alot. ie. I quizzed her on words that she was supposed to have studied her. She flunked it and it was very obvious she didnt study for it. So I called her out on it. "You didnt study did you?" Her answer: no I didnt have time. This is a student, who doesnt have a job and lives at home.. needless to say her parents and I werent impressed. Her newest thing now is to work really well with me but then she tells her mom that she doesnt remember anything that we did….this behavior is starting to frustrate me because she is using manipulation to get out of work and essentially make me look bad. Thankfully the other parent is there during my sessions and can vouch that we do a lot of work together. Any advice on how to handle this?

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Tutoring: challenging student