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First post here and hope this is relevant.

I just had a call with a sales development team that takes upwards of 2-3 minutes preparing for each call they make, even when they've called that person before. Insanity!

They brought up concerns like "we are strategic" and "we need to have all the information ready". Ok, I empathize with that – you want to be prepared. However, when I asked if they write down all the information into CRM fields so they only need to do this prep once, the excuse was this would take too much time. Insanity!

If you do this, please consider:

In 2020, there are 262 working days.

Even if you take 1 minute to prep, at 60 calls/day that’s an hour/day.

If we assume 8 hours in a working day, that’s ~32 working days lost per each rep!

I've sold some of the most complicated, "strategic", high ACV products to incredibly hard prospects (developers, C-level @ F500). There is zero excuse for wasting time "preparing" for a call you've already made once before.

Given this is my first post, thought I would share my process:

You will see in my step by step breakdown that one can have an extremely complicated product and still eliminate this time-suck.

I hope that this helps anyone who is still wasting time "call prepping".

Your time is valuable, happy hunting!

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One of the biggest time sucks I’ve seen sales rep do