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A little background without getting too specific – I am the media & marketing assistant for a manufacturer who sells B2B. Dealers purchase our product, then resell to their customers. We do not currently sell direct to the end user.

We're looking at a new approach for our 2021 marketing, specifically targeting end users and creating brand awareness for our product. The expected outcome is that:

A) An increased amount of end user impressions will result in more sales of our product for our existing dealers, and therefore more purchases from our dealers for us.

B) End user awareness of our product will result in potential dealers hearing about us when their customers ask if they stock our product, resulting in an expanded dealer network.

We are intending to market across Facebook and Youtube and have a strong idea of who is purchasing our product at the end of the line. Is this a viable strategy, or is it best to focus on marketing to potential dealers? The risk there being that those potential dealers will be responsible for making their customers aware that our products exist when they could probably make an easier sale off of a better-known competitor's product.

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Is generating end user brand awareness useful as a B2B which relies on a dealer network to make sales?