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I’ve only ever worked in food service, but I want to work in sales and marketing someday.

How can I use my serving job to practice and experiment with different sales techniques?

I read people are more likely to say yes to an up sell after answering yes to another question. Do you find this to be true? How can I use this to sell more expensive dishes and cocktails?

After a customer orders a margarita, I ask them if they want salt on the rim. They usually say yes. How do I present “would you like top shelf tequila?” as a yes or no question?

How can I sell more desserts? What small changes can I make in my speech and behavior that will make customers more likely to say yes to up sells?

Maybe I’m overthinking it, but I want to make good use my time at work instead of just going through the motions and wishing for a better job.

Thanks a bunch r/sales ✌️

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How can I use my waitressing job to practice my communication/sales skills?