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Hello everyone,

Found this subgroup few days ago. I've learned quite a lot in this amazing community! I've finish my degree few months ago. I have 4 new interview coming in the next 2 weeks. All of them are SDR and BDR role within the SaaS industry, and I dont wanna burn my chances anymore.

In the last few months, I've been invited to quite a lot interviews. Mainly SaaS companies, with focus on sales (SDR role/BDR role/). I've passed all the HR interviews and always get the opportunity for an face to face interview. I've tried from 1 on 1, 1 and 3 person at a same time and 1 and 4 person in the same time. All of them has been the CEO, or sales director, HR manager, Sales Team leader and so on. But I never got the opportunity to ''pass'' the next step of the interview afterwards. I have practice my pitch, I am getting a lot of help through my insurance company which focuses on new grads like me. The thing is, I would LOVE to hear feedback from this amazing community what to do, what not to do, tips and tricks, or whatever advice you can give me.

A little about my background I've gained thought the years while I was studying.

– 3 years experience in sales (internship and part – time) in IT Security Industry & Insurance industry. I have experience in inbound calls, closing deals, selling IT security software (B2B). I have experience in cold calling and booking meetings for the sales consultant in an insurance firm (B2C)

– business analyst consultant intern ( not gonna go deep in this one cause its not relevant for a sales role)

– marketing and PR assistant ( not gonna go deep in this one cause its not relevant for a sales role)

I will be looking forward to hearing feedback from you!

Thank you!

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BDR Interview! Please Help