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My spouse and I have been planning to buy a new (or new to us) Subaru Forester at the end of 2020. With the advertised ultra low interest rates we are debating pulling up our timeline. We have a low debt to income ratio, credit scores in the mid-upper 600's, and enough liquid cash on hand to put down $3500 comfortably as of today plus whatever our trade is worth (less than $3000). We both have job security even in this climate based on our industries.

We have been working to build our credit scores to get a good % rate, and I am hesitant to waste a dealers time if I won't qualify for the rate I want.

Anyone here know what the average rating is for people QUALIFYING for these 0% loans is currently? Are the deals for credit scores in my range that much better right now than waiting until the end of the year?

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0% too good to be true?